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Spreading Compassion to Create a More Peaceful, Loving and Spiritually Abundant World!

Collaborating for the Joy of Healing &

Learning, and Realizing our Dreams

What is Holistic Arts Practice?

It is a holistic belief  that at the root of many sicknesses & diseases are those thoughts & emotions that are not in harmony with the world as it is within oneself, persisting for long enough time to manifest in sicknesses or diseases, and when we are able to change those thoughts & emotions to those that are in harmony with the world as it is within oneself, one can recover one’s wholeness & mindfulness, and restore our natural state of being which is a state of being where one is physically energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned.  Furthermore, we believe that holistic healing is possible when we can first create space within to recognize all that is not at ease within oneself, that part of oneself that triggers negative thought patterns or emotional response under certain conditions, second, see it, feel it and embrace it to heal and release it, and then to repeat these two steps until one can feel one’s whole, complete and abundant state of being and be mindful in one’s physical body.  In the state of wholeness and mindfulness, one is at ease within and without and is able to direct and focus one’s attention to whatever one chooses at any given moment. 

Thus, Holistic Arts practice is any practice that can help one to create space within in healing oneself or learning to recover one’s wholeness and mindfulness, ready to co-create what one chooses, and it includes, but not limited to, the practice of healing arts, yoga, tai chi, qi-gong, meditation, dancing, and martial arts.  

It would be fair to state that a gift or talent is any activity that brings joy in one's heart and at the same time that which other people may need or want.

Our Story

After surviving through tragic losses of her family; her youngest brother from brain tumor at 21 years of age, her father from sudden illness, her other younger brother and her mother from brutal violent crime, and her brother in law from suicide, Kyung found that the yoga and meditation practice she had used for years to survive and prosper as an IT consultant, was not sufficient to overcome the pain and grief she felt.  Deciding to seek a healing path, she embraced and experienced many healing and meditation practices, becoming an energy healer herself, and discovering that harmony she had sought had been hidden within her all along, ready to be manifested as divine energy at any moment.  In writing her story and clearly describing the seven practices for harmonious living that she used in her own healing journey, she now shares them with those who like her refuse to succumb to despair.  A free copy of the ebook (or audio version of the book narrated by Kyung) “Seven Holistic Practices for Harmonious Living, A Self-Healing Journey to Freedom” written by Kyung S. Yi-O’Kelly, 2018, Create Space Independent Publishing Platform is included with the programs enrolled at Holistic Healing & Yoga.

 Divine Spark Allies (DSA) was founded with the following mission, vision and values:

Our  Mission

Divine Spark Allies is a self managing organization founded by a small group of holistic arts practitioners to spread joy & compassion in creating a more peaceful, loving and spiritually abundant world by empowering individuals to share their gifts and talents with others and meet their needs or desires at the same time.

Our Vision

We are remembering who we are: divine sparks of love experiencing life in human bodies on earth. We are healing ourselves by embracing all that is not at ease within, caring for each other, seeing divinity in everyone and everywhere, envisioning or imagining a new world—a world that is diverse but safe, healthy, just, and compassionate, and with clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean energy, and space for everyone. It is a place where everyone thrives, making conscious choices in our actions; thoughts, words, and deeds. Focusing our attention on what we want to create and sharing our experience with others, we are sure to have more people experience a better world for now, and perhaps, a paradise someday.

Our Values

1. Equality & Uniqueness - we believe that;

a. all humanity are divine sparks experiencing life in a physical human body, co-creating our reality through our thoughts, words & actions

b. we have chosen to come to earth to share our unique gifts or talents with the world and have fun & adventure in the process.

c. we all deserve the very best that life offers no matter what condition we were born under and currently existing. And for some, that may be holistic healing to restore their wholeness and mindfulness and maintain their complete and abundant state of being, and for others, it may be any other holistic arts practice that enhances their health & wellbeing.

2. Opportunity - we see opportunities for co-creating a world where everyone thrives. Our intention is to help creating a joyful and compassionate experience for more people in sharing our gifts or talents with others and meeting our needs or desires at the same time, thereby enabling more people to thrive.

3. Self Managing Organization – we are self motivated individuals as we collaborate and are guided by the best and the highest self within.