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Spreading Compassion to Create a More Peaceful, Loving and Spiritually Abundant World!

Collaborating for the Joy of Healing &

Learning, and Realizing our Dreams

Kyung Yi-O'Kelly

Energy Healer, Holistic Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

With more than 25 years of yoga & meditation practice, Kyung has been

practicing them as a professional healer, holistic yoga instructor and life coach since 2009, infusing traditional wisdom with modern treatment, through natural healing principles, highly effective treatments are obtained from holistic yoga classes, holistic healing meditation sessions and private healing & coaching sessions consisting of stretching exercises, deep relaxation techniques, breathing and visioning.   Many of her clients, including (retired) professionals going through challenging time in their lives, have experienced healing of general discomfort and pain, back/neck/shoulder stiffness, depression and anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, and numerous other symptoms.

After surviving through tragic losses of her birth family, Kyung found that the yoga & meditation practice she had used for years to survive and prosper as IT consultant was not sufficient to overcome the pain & grief she felt.  Deciding to seek healing path, she embraced many healing and meditation practices, becoming energy healer herself.  Synthesizing different healing modalities she has used in her own healing journey, she created the Holistic Healing Meditation Program in 2015, a guided meditation program that helps one to restore one's wholeness & mindfulness, one's inner light, divine spark.     

She is also the author of "Seven Holistic Practices for Harmonious Living, a self healing journey to freedom" published in 2018.

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