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 Gift TicketSwap Meetup

Upcoming meetup: 

Sunday, Sept 11th, 2022, 2pm-3pm (CST)

Zoom Meeting Online 

New  flyer coming soon... 

This meetup is to create an opportunity to meet other DSA members.

At the Gift Ticket Swap meeting, you will get a chance to share your gift/talent offerings along with your needs or wants, and to request a Swap or an Exchange.   

No one will be obliged to share their needs or wants nor to request a swap or to accept a request.   

Usually, if we do not hear the response within 2-3 days, we can assume that our request was not accepted and may want to make a new request.

Steps you can take now

Step-1. Once you RSVP, you will receive the links to help create a webpage with your bio and Gift Ticket details along with your needs or wants for the trade (swap or exchange).   (After this step, if we find a match for a potential swap/exchange partner, you will be notified by text or email.)

Step-2. Browse through the other gift ticket providers and their gift tickets available for trade & Request an exchange or swap.

Step-3. As soon as you come to an agreement and accept the the request for trade (Swap or Exchange), your Gift Ticket will be emailed to your partner shortly.  For  eGift/gift cards from the retail businesses, they will need to be purchased and emailed or mailed to your partner directly. 

Step-4. Redeem gift tickets and provide feedback on your experience either directly for the gift ticket provider or for others benefit by emailing it to [email protected] .

Our intention is to reach as many holistic arts practitioners as possible, both beginners and experienced, to share their gifts & talents with others and to help them meet their needs or wants at the same time!

Registration will close 48 hours before the meeting.  


Questions about the meetup or DSA membership? 

Contact Kyung at (469) 878-9441 by text or email [email protected]